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Pack Less, Experience More

Pack Less, Experience More

Aug 27, 2021

Evangeline Binsol

Vacations are most people’s highlight of the year and most of us want to look our best and be able to take on any activity that arises….so it’s natural to struggle to streamline your bag. If you are a serial (and likely last minute) overpacker- you are not alone!

10 Perfect Packing Commandments


We’ve pulled together our 10 Perfect Packing Commandments (what to pack and how to pack it) to help you lighten your suitcase, stay organized and avoid getting stung with extra baggage fees at the check in desk.

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  1. [What] Plan your outfits (this is the big one!)
    1. Start by making your own packing list…just like at the supermarket this can help stop you getting tempted to add 500 other things to your bag
    2. Lay your clothes out visually and do a sense check of the ratios (aim for 3 tops to one bottom), make sure at least one of these means the outfit can go from day to night
    3. Top tip: To make this easier choose block neutrals which you can more easily mix and match and add color with accessories…

Planning your outfits is key to pack smart


  1. [How] Pick up some Packing cubes…with compression
    1. Packing cubes are a god send. They make it easier to find things when you are away, allow you to segment your clothes into outfit groups or clothing type (top/ trouser etc.) and the compression ability allows you in many cases to halve the space your clothes take up…saving you space vs. weight
    2. Top tip: Our advice is to travel out without the compression to keep your clothes crease free and travel home using compression to allow space for vacation purchases
    3. Remember the greater the compression ability the heavier the cube

Packing cubes – the hype is justified


  1. [What] Choose a handful of meaningful pocket-sized accessories and gadgets
    1. Power bank and chargers – choose multi-purpose chargers that work with different power plugs!
    2. Forever Passport – the ultimate travel companion to make your travel memories eternal! Tick off each country you visit. Be creative and collect meaningful memories from your trip. Create your own travel bucket lists, and learn about our beautiful planet.
    3. Sunglasses – always have a pair with you! There’s nothing worse then frowning all day long…
    4. Bluetooth trackers like Tile – never lose track of your important stuff. Put a Tile on your suitcase, backpack, camera etc.
    5. Top tip: have your travel accessories ready to go. That way you don’t need to think about it every time you travel…

Forever Passport – your new favorite travel companion


  1. [What] Choose 3 pairs of Shoes: They often say 3 is the magic number- this is definitely true when it comes to shoes
    1. Ideally select shoes with dual purpose- sandals that can be worn by the pool as well as at a restaurant and make sure to wear your bulkiest shoes to travel in
    2. Top tip: Cover your shoes with shower caps to keep your clothes clean


Different shoes for different occasions


  1. [What] Be open to washing
    1. Imagine that you are packing for a few days less than the length of your trip to avoid over packing and take laundry powder to clean the essentials- your underwear, swimsuit and any favorite top that gets dirty
    2. Top tip: decant some of your normal powder into a pot or bag to avoid taking too much or paying high prices for travel wash

Washing your clothes in a sink is quicker than you think


  1. [what] Make smart swaps that have multiple uses
    1. Take a Sarong instead of a towel
    2. Pack a disposable electric toothbrush or normal one instead of an electric one
    3. Decant your favorites toiletries into small bottles
    4. Take a Kindle instead of a library of books
    5. Top tip: have you heard of solid shampoo yet?! If not, you have to check it out as it’s a real travel essential!

Solid shampoo bar


  1. [How] Combine and consolidate
    1. Fill unused space in hats and shoes with smaller items- this will not only help them keep shape but also protect your smaller items
    2. Top tip: stuff your shoes with underwear. You’d be surprised how much can fit in your three pair!

Fill up your shoes with underwear


  1. [How] Roll, roll, roll your clothes
    1. Save space and avoid wrinkles – it’s a no brainer
    2. Top tip: packing a suit? Rolling is the way to do it. To avoid wrinkles, use underwear and t-shirts to fill up the areas prone to creasing. Watch this YouTube video to learn how to do it.

Roll, roll, roll, your clothes


  1. [What] Get real & be honest
    1. It’s tempting to imagine yourself going for hikes and morning yoga sessions or reading 10 books within a week but make sure you do a sense check….Do you normally work out daily at home? Will you really have time to read more than 1 book? Pack what you are certain you will need not what you might need
    2. Top tip: If you don’t do it at home don’t expect to do it on holiday unless it’s a specialized trip focused on this activity. If you are still in doubt leave these items to the end and see if you have space for them

Be honest with yourself when packing


  1. [How] Get a scale and check
    1. There’s no need to guess how close you are to the luggage limit with a luggage scale
    2. Top tip: leave a few space pounds or kilos in case you come across some souvenirs you want to bring back

Weigh your luggage at home to avoid surprises