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Your Timeless Travel Companion

Tick off every country you visit, physically

Stamp, scribble, stick your best memories

Complete your ultimate travel bucket list

Master facts and trivia about our planet

Global Travel Tracker

Tick off every country.

There is something magical and satisfying about physically checking and seeing each country you’ve visited.

Feel the satisfaction of ticking each country off, always have a physical reminder and collection of your list, and get help started on your next journey.

Start Tracking!

Your Forever Passport

Stamp, Scribble, Stick.

Easily organize all your travel experiences and memories in one place that lasts forever!

Look back on these memories with goosebumps and the feeling of nostalgia a mobile app simply cannot provide.

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Your Bucket List

Decide what's next.

Never run out ideas of where to explore next, with a cool list of “must-do’s” around the world — from the longest rivers, largest islands to highest waterfalls.

Or create your own personalized bucket list and get the satisfaction of ticking off each item, one by one.

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Our Planet

Trivia about the Earth.

Stuck on a long layover, chilling in a hostel, or bored on a train? Forever Passport has a full section dedicated to fun facts about our planet.

Next time you find yourself in a bar trivia night, you’ll be ready to rock!

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"Stay in the physical realm and
relive your best memories with
Forever Passport"

Physical Beats Digital

We live in a world full of digital devices and apps. But our best experiences are often found when we tune out the digital noise and focus on our physical experiences. With Forever Passport, you stay in the physical realm and relive your best memories how you experienced them, not how your phone experienced them.


Join Our Tribe of Happy Travelers

I am so happy with my Forever Passport.  The cover andpages are all high quality and I love having one place to keep all of my travelmemories. It's the perfect amount of detail.  It's also a fantastic giftfor friends who love to travel. Will purchase again as a future gift to others.

Amy - United States

Such a fantastic idea! Whenever I travel, the joy and best memories are in the details of the personal experience. Being able to call back to the bahn mi cart in Saigon, or the speakeasy with barbershop storefront in Barcelona, or the ride in a Soviet military jeep in the mountains of Kazakhstan is what makes it all mine. These moments last forever in our hearts, and looking back at my Forever Passport is a great way to relive them once again.

José - United States

Forever passport is our most important travel companion. My wife and I live in Southeast Asia as expats and we use every possible opportunity to explore Asia. I was always looking for something to capture all our memories, with Forever Passport we finally found it! We love showing it to our families back in Germany when we come home for Christmas, it’s such a good way to let them be a part of our travels. We even bought one Forever Passport for our one year old son so he can show his kids one day which countries he visited.

Josephine - Germany

Forever Passport helps me to keep all my travel memories in one, tangible place. I love the design and it’s compact size.

Amy - South Africa